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Please purchase only on the legit provider for the bot to continue updating and to avoid viruses on your computer.


Version Number: 1

-added speed hack

-added auto pill

-added arrow key traveling

-added change pet to 200%

-added change pet stamina to 100

-added slow mobs

-added town traveling

-added auto revive(for invading)

Version Number: 2

-added revive hack tutorial

-added silver hack and it’s tutorial video

Version Number: 3

-added bdp spam chat

Version Number: 4

-added change town hack

Version Number: 5

-added rarity changer hack

Version Number: 6

-added change item to common

-added zoom hack

Version Number: 7

-added bad words filter bypass

Version Number: 8

-remove god mode because of dcing

-added auto run as administrator

-added bad words filter bypass

Version Number: 9

-added sky on change to town timer hack

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