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Version Number: 1

-added pathfinding

-added auto detect rock items

Version Number: 2

-updated returning to road algorithm

Version Number: 3

-added directional rock detecting

-added rock detector settings at bots tab

-added auto detect hazelnuts when hungry on directional rock detecting

-added auto detect eggs when hungry on directional rock detecting

-please start at plain of the winds for directional rock detecting

-added auto detect dangerous long lift and swamp area on directional rock detecting

-added auto return to starting region on the map on directional rock detecting

Version Number: 4

-fix wrong settings selection

Version Number: 5

-update returning to starting position for directional

-added root crop detection on quickslot when hungry/exhausted

-fix long lift returning to plain of the winds algorithm

Version Number:6

-added starting island starting region (directional setting)

-added auto return to starting region on start before gathering rocks(directional setting)

-added auto avoid cemetery (directional setting)

-added auto avoid abandoned place

-added apple quickslot detection when hungry/exhausted

-added roasted meat quickslot detection when hungry/exhausted

Version Number:7

-updated rock brain model

-added more quickslot food detection

-reduce walking area on starting island

Version Number:8

-remove pathfinder setting

-added food detector(required torch and hatchet)

Version Number:9

-added direction settings

-added food detector(required torch and hatchet)

Version Number:10

-updated direction settings

Version Number:11

-added clay detection

-added video tutorial

-added chinese interface

Version Number:12

-added starting region editor

-added starting region editor tutorial

Version Number:13

-added chinese images

-added starting region editor tutorial

Version Number:14

-added fishing

-added checkbox for items detector and fishing

Version Number:15

-updated fishing for carp and trout

Version Number:16

-updated fishing

Version Number:17

-updated fishing

Version Number:18

-added skeleton killer(starting island)

Version Number:19

-updated skeleton killer(starting island)

Version Number:20

-separated and improve clay brain model from rock brain model

Version Number:21

-updated skeleton killer

Version Number:22

-updated skeleton killer

Version Number:23

-fix bug clay brain model not being downloaded

Version Number:24

-fix bug

Version Number:25

-added nettle detection

-added water gathering

-added water gathering tutorial

Version Number:26

-added copper and tin detection checklist

-added water location editor for fishing

Version Number:27

-added bait type for fishing

-updated clay detection

Version Number:28

-added planting

Version Number:29

-added hazelnuts detection

Version Number:30

-added limestone checklist detection

Version Number:31

-added grey amanita detection

Version Number:32

-added auto fight spawned mobs on all item detector

Version Number:33

-updated auto eat while items gathering

Version Number:35

-fix possible stuck on items gathering

Version Number:36

-added bread food detection on quickslot for items gathering

-added garlic bun food detection on quickslot for items gathering

-added onion rings food detection on quickslot for items gathering

-added discarding unwanted item on items gathering

Version Number:37

-added fishing tutorial

Version Number:38

-added discard clay

-added mouse hold for discarding items

Version Number:39

-updated clay brain model

Version Number:40

-updated clay brain model

Version Number:41

-updated fighting bot

Version Number:42

-added fish as bait crab fighting

Version Number:43

-added snag gathering

-adjust quickslot food detection

Version Number:44

-updated fishing exchange pole when broken

-added gathering when returning to starting position in item detector

Version Number:45

-added stump gathering

Version Number:46

-updated copper and tin brain model

Version Number:47

-updated rock brain model

Version Number:48

-added new resources gathering box settings

-added new box settings tutorial

Version Number:49

-updated closing inventory while gathering

Version Number:50

-updated limestone gathering

Version Number:51

-updated fishing bot

Version Number:52

-updated nettle gathering bot

-updated mainland gathering spot 1 farming path

Version Number:53

-updated clay brain model

-updated mob detector for iteria

Version Number:54

-updated switching of position in iteria

Version Number:55

-fix possible error in fishing

-updated fishing mob fighting

Version Number:56

-updated copper and tin gathering bot in iteria farming spot 1

-updated mob fighting bot

Version Number:57

-fix possible stuck in switch position feature of iteria farming spot 1

Version Number:58

-re-added limestone gathering

Version Number:59

-updated mob fighting in fishing and gathering

-re-added limestone gathering

Version Number:60

-updated mob fighting in gathering

Version Number:61

-re-added nettle gathering

-added windows 11 toolbar fix tutorial

Version Number:62

-fix possible stuck in iteria mining/gathering bot

Version Number:63

-updated the trial to 1DayTrial

-re-added rock mining bot

Version Number:64

-updated bot client to 2PC/license

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