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Please purchase only on the legit provider for the bot to continue updating and to avoid viruses on your computer.


Version Number:1

-added fishing bot

Version Number:2

-added auto rotate camera

-fix possible stuck

Version Number:3

-change auto rotate camera

-(you must set the inventory keybind to letter i)

Version Number:4

-added release keyboard if restarting bot

-increase accuracy of fishing image

Version Number:5

-added fishing settings at bots tab

Version Number:6

-fix game losing focus

-change ui

-updated casting image

Version Number:7

-added equip bait

-fix bugs

-added auto decline invites

Version Number:8

-adjusted pole picture detection

Version Number:9

-adjusted wait after casting

-updated bot red square disabler

Version Number:10

-fix issue not pulling on some PC

Version Number:11

-added casting range setting

Version Number:12

-added random walk

Version Number:13

-added windsward ai

-added enable/disable for fishing

-added enable/disable for windsward AI

-added tutorials for windsward AI and fishing

Version Number:14

-updated windsward ai

Version Number:15

-updated fishing bot

Version Number:16

-updated fishing bot

Version Number:17

-updated fishing bot

Version Number:18

-updated fishing bot

Version Number:19

-added bot launcher

Version Number:20

-updated fishing

Version Number:21

-updated fishing repair detection region

Version Number:22

-updated fishing casting

Version Number:23

-fix ai not starting

Version Number:24

-fix possible hang on fishing

Version Number:25

-updated equipping bait in fishing

Version Number:26

-updated repair button region detection

Version Number:27

-updated repair button location detection

Version Number:28

-added pulling settings

Version Number:29

-added shattered mountain starmetal gathering

Version Number:30

-change bot to new libraries(please resave your account and bot settings one last time)

-added starmetal gathering tutorial at shattered mountain bot

Version Number:31

-added windows and game settings tutorial on starmetal gathering

-updated starmetal selling on shattered mountain bot

Version Number:32

-added starmetal gathering repairing

-added resell when selling failure in starmetal gathering

Version Number:33

-fix possible stuck while re-selling starmetal upon selling failure

-added default button settings in fishing bot

-added re-gather after gathering failure for starmetal bot

Version Number:34

-fix possible stuck when selling UI suddenly close on starmetal gathering

-added new gathering node in starmetal ore gathering at shattered mountain

Version Number:35

-fix possible stuck on starmetal gathering bot

Version Number:36

-added random naming of windows

-remove windsward AI

Version Number:37

-move red square bot logs to general bot settings

Version Number:38

-added everfall iron ore gathering bot

Version Number:39

-updated shattered mountain starmetal mining bot

Version Number:40

-updated number ai for gathering bot

Version Number:41

-fix everfall auto repair and recenter compass in everfall gathering bot

Version Number:42

-updated number AI for gathering bot

Version Number:43

-updated windows and game settings tutorial

-updated everfall iron ore mining bot tutorial

Version Number:44

-added first light young tree cutting

-fix possible error in auto set settings

Version Number:45

-fix possible stuck in first light young tree cutting

Version Number:46

-added hyssop and rawhide gathering in windsward

-added icons in each features in bots tab

Version Number:47

-updated windsward herb gathering tutorial

Version Number:48

-added new iron ore node in everfall iron ore mining bot

Version Number:49

-added new buttons on gathering/mining bots

-updated everfall tutorial

Version Number:50

-updated bot icons

-added mourningdale starmetal bot

Version Number:51

-updated shattered mountain starmetal bot starting position

-updated shattered mountain video tutorial

-added easy paste of EGB files to Aeternum map directory

-updated free trial to 1DayTrial for username and password

Version Number:52

-updated bot to be able to run on 2 PC

Version Number:53

-added delete all files in paste egb files

-updated first light woodcutting video tutorials

-(other video tutorials will auto update soon)

Version Number:54

-fully updated route creator bot

-added wwfibers.egb file for sample route creator script file

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