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Version Number:63

-added auto collect task rewards

-added task reward claimer bot checklist

-fix auto farm auto battle(2h) exchanging character

-change bot execution(make non party dungeons to first to execute)

Version Number:64

-added multi-emulator tutorial

-fix possible stuck

Version Number:65

-added attendance reward claimer

Version Number:66

-added bag extract

Version Number:67

-fix bugs and possible stuck

Version Number:68

-fix elite dungeon bot not exiting

Version Number:69

-added sf80 on auto battle 2h

Version Number:70

-change auto farm macro to go on sf80 instead

Version Number:71

-re-added macro button mashing randomizer

Version Number:72

-fix bot not connecting to nox

Version Number:73

-updated auto login bot

Version Number:74

-added auto refill auto battle

Version Number:75

-added auto join a party for auto battle 2h function

Version Number:76

-updated auto use auto battle

Version Number:77

-updated auto quest bot

Version Number:78

-updated auto farm auto battle 2h

Version Number:79

-fix possible stuck up

-updated dungeons to start on solo party

Version Number:80

-added daily dungeons exchanging characters

-fix possible stuck

Version Number:83

-updated auto login bot

Version Number:84

-fix possible stuck up

Version Number:85

-fix possible stuck up

Version Number:86

-updated auto login maple icon

Version Number:87

-fix buy potions register detection

-fix possible stuck

Version Number:88

-fix possible stuck on auto farm auto battle bot

-fix possible stuck on cooking with tangyoon

Version Number:89

-fix possible stuck on nett pyramid bot

Version Number:90

-added auto restart on stuck

-added auto restart per function

Version Number:91

-updated auto farm use ab

Version Number:92

-updated auto farm use ab

-updated mulung dojo bot

Version Number:93

-updated auto farm use ab

-updated mulung dojo bot

Version Number:94

-fix possible stuck on auto login

-fix possible stuck on elite dungeon

-fix possible stuck on nett pyramid

-added more restarting logs

Version Number:95

-updated auto login

Version Number:96

-updated multiple emulator function

-change multiple emulator tutorial

Version Number:97

-updated auto farm bot auto battle

-updated download locations for this version

Version Number:98

-updated auto login icon

Version Number:101

-fix possible stuck for macro

Version Number:102

-updated evolution bot

-reduced auto battle 2h rotation

-added more map in auto battle 2h

Version Number:103

-added dimensional invasion bot

Version Number:104

-added more auto battle maps

-updated auto battle function flow

Version Number:106

-added macro bot select map

Version Number:107

-added auto battle bot new checklist

-fix daily dungeon difficulty selection

-updated mulung dojo

Version Number:108

-add evolution bot exchanging characters

-updated task bot

-updated event bot

-updated auto battle bot

Version Number:109

-fix possible stuck in auto battle bot

Version Number:110

-updated evolution bot

-added exchange characters in dimensional invasion

Version Number:111

-speed up auto questing

Version Number:112

-updated bot for bluestacks support

Version Number:113

-added settings in auto questing bot

-fix possible hang

Version Number:114

-added kerning m tower bot

Version Number:115

-fix possible hang

-added port selector on emulator set-up

-change multiple emulator tutorial

Version Number:116

-fix multiple emulator tutorial wrong video

Version Number:117

-fix possible stuck

Version Number:118

-fix possible hang while using multiple emulators

Version Number:119

-updated auto buy potions

-updated bag trash extraction

-updated refilling of auto battle

Version Number:120

-fix port changer button not working

Version Number:121

-fix button errors

Version Number:122

-updated quit game function

Version Number:123

-added expedition

-added exchange function position feature and auto saving positions

-added expand/un-expand function feature and auto saving

Version Number:124

-fix expedition time detection

-add expedition difficulty selector

Version Number:125

-updated port set-up in Emulator Setup

Version Number:126

-fix auto battle bot starting in town

Version Number:127

-fix auto quest fast(high cpu usage)

Version Number:128

-updated bot launcher

-added red/green color for enable/disable of functions

Version Number:129

-fix nett’s pyramid difficulty settings

Version Number:130

-added icon on each function

-updated right corner detection of sf80 macro farming

Version Number:131

-updated Quit Game function

Version Number:133

-updated auto quest bot

Version Number:134

-fix auto quest fast auto go now

Version Number:135

-updated to new library, please resave your login account and bot settings

-updated bag trash extraction on ab 2h

-updated fever buff on ab 2h

-fix auto quest fast auto go now

Version Number:136

-updated auto farm auto battle 2h buy potion

Version Number:137

-fix auto go now in auto questing bot

-change save key for indexes(please resave your selected bots)

Version Number:138

-updated auto questing bot slow

-updated timer to reset to 25 minutes in auto questing bot fast

Version Number:139

-added more index in emulator-setup

-added skipv2 pixel in auto questing fast

Version Number:140

-updated auto farm bot macro

Version Number:141

-added more macro bot maps

Version Number:142

-updated auto login for new bluestacks

Version Number:143

-fix macro file not being deleted when re-recording macro

-added new settings in macro

Version Number:144

-fix macro starting in town

-fix current map not showing in auto farm macro

Version Number:145

-add guild attendance bot

-add exchanging of characters in task reward claiming

Version Number:146

-add guild attendance exchanging of characters

Version Number:147

-fix possible stuck in detecting if maple is running

-fix possible stuck when launching app

Version Number:148

-updated auto battle 2h

Version Number:149

-updated login bot maple text detection

Version Number:150

-added task reward claimer in auto battle 2h

Version Number:151

-updated mapleText.png image

Version Number:152

-added usage of buffs in bag in auto battle 2h

-updated auto battle 2h bag functions

Version Number:153

-updated elite dungeon bot

Version Number:154

-updated elite dungeon bot

-updated daily dungeon bot

Version Number:155

-added growth support claimer in auto questing bot

-fix possible stuck in auto questing

Version Number:156

-fix possible stuck in auto questing bot fast

Version Number:157

-fix possible stuck in auto questing bot fast

Version Number:158

-fix possible stuck when running the bot

Version Number:159

-fix possible stuck on elite dungeon bot

Version Number:160

-updated sf auto battle 2h

Version Number:161

-added claim mail in auto battle 2h

-updated guild check in

Version Number:162

-fix possible stuck in auto battle 2h

Version Number:163

-fix go now in auto quest bot fast

Version Number:164

-fix possible stuck in auto questing

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