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Please purchase only on the legit provider for the bot to continue updating and to avoid viruses on your computer.


Version Number:1

-added rotation creator bot

Version Number:2

-added more items on drop picker

Version Number:4

-added cerragar default route

-added blacksmith route for cerragar

-added armor vendor route for cerragar

Version Number:5

-updated downloader logic

-fix possible stuck when returning to town

Version Number:7

-fix selling filter not working

Version Number:9

-added looting filter

-added more images in drop picker

Version Number:10

-added health potion set-up

Version Number:11

-added necromancer AI

-added more images in drop picker

Version Number:13

-savina hideout door entry improvements

-added casting times in skill settings

-change selling/salvaging interval from hours to minutes

Version Number:15

-added ked bardu black smith route

-added ked bardu selling route

-improve drop detection

Version Number:19

-updated latest game patch

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