Call of Dragons Bot Changelogs

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Version Number:1

-added claim inside base resources

-added defeating dark legions and gathering outside base

Version Number:2

-added multiple commander gathering outside base

Version Number:3

-added fog explorer

-updated ore mine gathering bot

Version Number:4

-claim free draw

-added help alliance

Version Number:5

-added heal troops bot

-fix possible crash when claiming free draw

-readying train troops UI

Version Number:6

-updated troops/units training(the orcs)

-fix possible stuck in claiming free draw

Version Number:7

-added troops/units training(legion of commander faction(mage))

-fix possible stuck in claiming free draw

Version Number:8

-added researching

Version Number:9

-adjusted troop training clicking

Version Number:10

-fix possible crash in researching due to missing image

Version Number:11

-fix possible stuck when going outside

-updated researching

Version Number:13

-updated image editor

Version Number:14

-updated build/upgrade buildings

Version Number:15

-updated upgrading/building buildings

-added bot settings for real phone

Version Number:16

-Updated researching
-Updated upgrading/building buildings
-Updated defeating dark legion outside of base

Version Number:17

-Improve dark legion finder

-Improve overall speed of the bot

Version Number:18

-added wilderburg town hall in building/upgrading function

-added research building in building/upgrading function

-added bot wait speed settings for slow to fast phones

Version Number:19

-added gold building image editor

-added wood building image editor

-added ore building image editor

-added mana building image editor

Version Number:20

-added new images in researching
-improve back button detection accuracy

Version Number:22

-updated accessibility access

Version Number:23

-added more research images

Version Number:26

-adjusted wait per tap default value

Version Number:27

-added visiting cave/camp

-updated darkling legion logic for 3 commanders

Version Number:29

-added claim mail

-added goblin merchant

-updated visiting cave/camp/supplies

Version Number:30

-added funtap support(needs english text)

-fix possible crash when viewing changelogs

-fix possible crash when viewing video tutorials

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