Black Desert Mobile Bot


100% Automation tool for Black Desert Mobile.

Bdm Bot or Black Desert Mobile Bot is a 24/7 bot. It is a bot program that will make your farming life easier. The Black Desert Mobile Bot is auto updating for future updates. It has top of the line botting technology to auto farm useful resources so that your account will get stronger than non-botters. It will eliminate boring task of the game so that you can focus on enjoyable content of the game.Download The Black Desert Mobile Bot today!

Bring Your Bot Anywhere

Available for Mac | Windows | Android Phone

✅Video Tutorials Inside The Bot!!!

✅Auto Update for Future Changes

✅Camp Merchantry

✅Field Of Valor

✅Ancient Ruins

✅Boss Rush

✅Auto Questing

✅Auto Farm

✅Camp Functions

✅World Boss

✅Black Spirit Functions

✅Sell Junk Items in Town

✅Buy Potions in Town

✅Buy Alyaellis Fragment in Town

✅Buy Pet Feeds in Town

✅Skill Functions

✅Pet Functions

✅32 Mobile Phone/Emulators

✅and many many more

✅10-20 Years Maintenance


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