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Version Number:6

-added claim dailies in auto farming

-fix possible stuck in auto questing

Version Number:7

-fix possible stuck in auto login

Version Number:8

-fix possible stuck in auto questing

Version Number:10

-added black spirit questing checkbox in farming bot

Version Number:11

-fix possible stuck in town functions

-updated auto questing bot

Version Number:12

-fix possible stuck in black spirit quest

Version Number:13

-added pet functions

Version Number:14

-added skill upgrade

-added black spirit hadum quest bot

Version Number:16

-added a “2nd slot quest” checkbox in auto quest

-added world boss

-added buy alyaelli’s fragment in town when farming.

Version Number:18

-revert world boss update for its new algorithm

Version Number:19

-added tutorials tab

-added daily claim purified water in dailies

-added mail claimer in dailies

Version Number:20

-added new tutorials inside the bot

Version Number:21

-updated world boss

Version Number:23

-added camp gathering

Version Number:24

-updated world boss

Version Number:26

-added camp planting

-added buy seeds in town

-updated pet feed buying

-updated claiming of login rewards

Version Number:27

-updated world boss

Version Number:29

-added camp merchantry

Version Number:30

-added ancient ruins bot

-improve bot-features UI

Version Number:31

-updated accessibility service access

Version Number:32

-fix possible stuck in camp merchantry

Version Number:33

-added boss rush

Version Number:35

-updated boss rush

-added fusing mode (for auto fusion or auto select) in auto questing and black spirt

Version Number:36

-added path of glory bot

Version Number:38

-updated returning to town in farming

-updated going to farming spot in farming

-added re-buy on potion buying failure

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