This website is for aspiring gamers who just want to play while busy at work,studying or sleeping. It it for gamers who want to be the best without trying hard, e.g. not ruining your health, money(via in app purchases), girlfriend fights,your mom shouting “hey useless kid stop playing and get a job”, etc.

About the developer:

The developer is a game addict sleeping only for 3 hours a day when he was young.I am here to help addicted gamers(like me) to focus on real life,but they can still play. I am here to help them have control in their real life but also enjoy gaming at the same time. I have help countless addicted gamers from mobile to P.C. games. I have given countless customers real life enjoyment and real life interaction with their family and girlfriend. We are helping you to focus on jobs,schools,family,girlfriend and build muscle at the gym to be buff while maxing out in your favorite game.

I hope I have enlightened you to the world of gaming and doing real life all at the same time. Be a true game enjoyer right now!!!

“Please cherish your time with your girlfriend or family while enjoying gaming” – the bot developer

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